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When we have the intention of downloading free online movies or HD movies, there are certain details that have a great importance in case we want to download the one that better fits with our desires. Meaning that there are some features of the movies we download from the internet for free that say the most about the movie and file we want to download.

Why To Use VPN When Streaming Free Movies Online?

For example, when we download free movies online from P2P software like eMule, Ares, uTorrent, eDonkey, etc, we may encounter several types of movie that have copyright issues. All of the free movies we find on these sites vary in size, name, type of video and several other things that change the intial file, in order to avoid being banned or prosecuted for copyright infringement. That’s why it is important to know what this type of download really mean especially for USA citizens, whom I really highly recommend using top notch VPN services so we know what exactly are doing, and how to play safe;).

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Choose Wisely The Quality Of Movies

There are movies that have a size of 600 MB and others have 4 GB, being the same movie and sometimes even the same supposed quality, however, all of this depends on the way the movie was recorded and copied from the original, being a DVD, BluRay, 3D, WEB, TV and many other formats available, like CAM.

It is a general rule for moviesuploads on the internet to add all the important information in the title of the file. Details like quality, format, subtitles, language, production year and everything else the uploader thinks is important. So, starting from this we can know how good is the quality of the movie we want to download.

What To Look First When Downloading Movies

All movies available on the internet have the title and year of production as the first thing to show. Meaning that when we want to look for a movie on the internet the first things we should look for is the name of the movie we want and the year of production, in case there are other movies available with the same name but are actually older or newer than the one we’re looking for.

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After this, there is the language and subtitles available. For example, if a movie is not in English, the uploader of the movie file should add where’s the movie from and what’s the original language. For example, if the movie comes from a Spanish talking country and all the movie is in Spanish, it should have ESP or SPA in the file title, at least.

If it has subtitles, depending on the kind available, it should have it noted too. If the movie has hardcoded subtitles, meaning that they can’t be turned off, it should be also noted. If for example, the movie is DUBBED from one language to another, the uploader has to tell it in the title too.

Important Details of Downloading Movies

The most important advantage of downloading free online movies or HD movies from the internet, apart from watching movies online for free using Megamovies, is that we can choose all about audio, video, size and even format of the movie we want to download. That works for people who want to save the movie for a later time, avoiding having to download it or look for it again on the internet.

However, all of these formats and qualities are always told in the file title of the movie we want to download. Nonetheless, the most important detail to take into account is the quality of the movie, it all depends on the way it was recorded or copied from the original version, and these are:

  • CAM

When a movie file has CAM in the title it means that this movie comes from a theater, but not with the same quality. It means that it was recorded in a theater with a normal videocamera or even a cellphone and was uploaded to the internet for people to watch it. The quality of these kind of files are always the worse, as these movies are always recent and don’t have a proper condition to be watched.

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  • TeleSync

This kind of file means that the movie was also recorded on a cinema, however, the quality can vary, as it can be very good but can also be horrifying. It all depends on the kind of camera used, however, it is pretty normal to find that the audio and video quality is decent enough to be watched, but won’t have an excellent quality as other formats.

  • DVD-Screener

This format comes from the extraction of a DVD movie file, although, even when the video quality can be very good as a DVD, the audio quality varies, as it can be very good too, it can also be horrendous. They are often recent movies, coming from promotional or leaked DVDs.

  • DVD-Rip

These are almost the same as the DVD-screener; however, the main difference is that these are often better audio and video quality. They are video files extracted directly from the official DVD of the movie. The quality of both video and audio tends to be high, but it all can change depending on the video format and the person who ripped it from the original.

  • DVD-R

This is the exact copy of all the video files that a DVD contains, without losing any quality or anything, even coming with the original subtitles or extras that are In the original DVD. These files tend to be bigger in size than the previous ones, as these are often the whole DVD image of the original DVD in a video file.

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  • BRRip or BluRay Rip

These are the ripped off video file from the official BluRay discs. They mostly come in super high quality, being 720p, 1080p or even 3D. These, just like the other formats, depend on the abilities of the person copying from the original, however, the quality of the audio and video tends to be excellent almost every time.

  • HDTV or TV-Rip

These are the formats uploaders give to the downloaded free movies online that come directly from a TV source. These formats are also used for TV series and other specials, like boxing fights, sports matches, reality shows, etc.
Formats Available When Downloading Free Movies

The different formats available for Free movies online downloaded can be:

  • H264 or x264

This is the rate of compression the uploader gives to the movie. From this, we can tell the quality of a movie, as this is the normal rate uploaders give to high-quality video files, as the optimum to be watched on any platform.

  • HEVC or H265 and x265

This is a variation of the last one, a rate of compression a little harder than the last one, meaning that the movie will have the same or even more quality as an x264 file, but with a much less file size.

  • XviD

This is the normal format movie uploaders give to DVD and other movies, as this rate of CODEC compression means that the movie is high quality, but right now is older and almost inexistent than the other ones.

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